Our experts

Michael has a thing for sales machines. He designs them, builds them, scales them and trains other salespeople to do the same. But before you can do that, he says, you have to get your Sales Story on point. With his content agency chaomatic.com, Humblet has helped more than a thousand companies scale, his own included. He happily shares all that knowledge in his Sales Acceleration Show on YouTube and in books.

Erendiz Ates, Certified trainer (+10j experience) and co-owner of AZ-Solutions and LinkedIn ambassador helps companies and professionals grow with a thoughtful LinkedIn & social selling/recruiting strategy.

Peter has held several sales positions at tech startups, scale ups, midsized companies as corporate for 25+ years with a big focus on business development. His passion for sales, entrepreneurship, personal growth and mindset has resulted in his podcast What’s on Your Mind with more than 230+ guests.
Today he is helping passionate tech entrepreneurs with connecting with their first customers as turning their ideas into a market fit offering.