Free resources

Free resources

We gathered the best free resources from our sales & marketing experts. Learn more in the provided mini-guides and use the different canvasses to map out your sales & marketing strategy.

Sales storyline canvas

This canvas is used by +350 companies to perfect their sales storyline. Learn to close better and faster by optimizing your sales storyline. This canvas allows you to do it yourself, today. It’s closing time.

Social selling ebook - Generate clients through LinkedIn

You will learn through 9 crucial strategies including: How to social proof your corporate & personal brand as a lead generator, Smartly scale your network to your target audience, Social selling strategy & storytelling instead of hard selling, Engaging your brand ambassadors for even more leads, How to be seen by the right people, How to be seen by the right people

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Layered content canvas

The Layered Content Canvas serves as a strategic blueprint, allowing you to visualize and structure your content strategy across the different layers in your organization. By using this canvas, you lay the foundation for a content strategy that allows you to reach an entire market with maximum impact using your internal expertise.